"MEDUSA was a powerful creature of ancient Greek mythology, a beautiful mermaid that provoked lust to men and gods. Between them, God Poseidon the God of the Sea had a desire for her and disguised as a horse, managed to isolate her in a temple of god Athena. Victim of Athena's rage, Medusa was cursed to lose all of her beauty and be transformed into an ugly, despising creature. She lost all of her charm and attraction due to a woman's jealousy and anger."

During the centuries her myth inspired a range of artists or even great companies. It, also, inspired the name of this site, where a gathering of beautiful creations is being attempted. This site is a collection of beautiful objects, of beautiful things to buy, eat, drink or wear, but most of all of beautiful people and their creative work. A great collection of great Greek designers and their work.


LaMedusa introduces herself as an attempt to present to the world a collection of beautiful, unique products and brands carefully selected from the beautiful country of Greece. The country  where she lived and she was tortured, the country where her legend was created, now shows the best that has to offer through her.

A collection of Summerwear, Jewelry, Design Objects , and particular Delicacies, these are the gifts that beautiful, tortured Medusa has to offer.


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