"Bottarga" for the Italians,  'boutargue" for the French, "avgotaraho" for the Greeks, different names in different countries in order to describe the very specific delicacy made of  cured  Grey Mullet roe - the eggs of the fish kefalos".

In 1856 in Greece, three brothers started the production and trade of bottarga and after four generations, the company, according to the famous chef Ferran Adria, produces one of the best products on Earth!

Bottarga - "avgotaraho" for the Greeks - is considered to be a delicacy from the ancient times, since it has a history of more than 3000 years. It was actually part of the diet of the Egyptians and the ancient Greeks, as well. Trikalinos produces bottarga exclusively from Grey Mullet Roe - the eggs of "kefalos" fish - using standarized production techniques that properly balance the salting and drying process in order to deliver higher moisture and lower sodium in the final product. In fact, research on the product and its nutritional value showed that these particular techniques make Trikalinos bottarga ideal for consumption even from people with cholesterol or cardiovascular issues. It is coated by natural bee's wax in order to preserve the product and its delicate taste.  Last but not least, it is supposed to be a product of high nutritional value, as a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, beneficial for our heart and our immune system as well. It has been characterized as the Greek caviar!

A significant moment for the history of both the product and the company was in 2012 when the well-known catalan chef, an actual Gastronomy creator,  Ferran Adria included the product in his list of the top 30 and healthier products in the whole world and, also, added it as an ingredient in many of his creations in the historical "El Bulli" restaurant.


The company started as a family business back in the 1856, when Trikalinos brothers decided to produce and trade Grey Mullet Avgotaraho in Etoliko, a town in the central-west of Greece near a lagoon known for its abundance in this particular fish. The time passes, the production increases and the company becomes bigger and bigger adopting standarized procedures in order to guarantee quality and hygiene, while new products are being introduced as its famous fleur de sel. Accumulated experience passed from one generation to the other and as a result in 2006 the Trikalinos bottarga begins to win awards for both its packaging and its superior taste, while gains respect  and appreciation of famous chefs from all over the world.  Nowadays, Mr. Zafeiris Trikalinos keeps investing time, money and effort in collaborations with scientific teams from major universities in order to further develop the already exceptional production.







LaMedusa introduces herself as an attempt to present to the world a collection of beautiful, unique products and brands carefully selected from the beautiful country of Greece. The country  where she lived and she was tortured, the country where her legend was created, now shows the best that has to offer through her.

A collection of Summerwear, Jewelry, Design Objects , and particular Delicacies, these are the gifts that beautiful, tortured Medusa has to offer.

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